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 Rules in the server!!!

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Rules in the server!!! Empty
PostSubject: Rules in the server!!!   Rules in the server!!! EmptySun Aug 15, 2010 6:38 am

first of all, i would like to say that any type of hacking is unacceptable and will not be tolerated tele-hack.
If caught hacking your player will be immediately taken to hacker prison, the GM that caught you will post screenshots on the hacker forum for everyone to see, and to provide evidence of you using hacks on our server.

2- You are not allowed to harass ppl, or use any kind of racial insults

Lets be clear, Harassment involves someone following you around and constantly talking trash without even giving you a chance to get away from them. harrasment is not someone telling you that you suck because they lost, or because you lost, trash talking is allowed, and is a big part of the game, trash talking its self is NOT considered harrasing

Racial insults means that u cannot out-right make an insulting racial slur towards someone just to be mean because you are mad, or because you think u are superior to them in some idiotic way, during trash talking this can be very confusing, but u guys know what i am talking about, calling someone a 'stupid nigger' is a racial insult, i will ban you from the server if i even catch a glimpse of something like on the server. i have many black friends and i know there is a difference between the word 'nigger' and the word 'nigga', its ok to use it as a greeting (what up my nigga?) as long as its tasteful, there are many kinds of ppl playing here and i despise racism of any kind towards anyone playing on our server, if you cant respect ur fellow player enough to insult them without racial slurs, please go somewhere else to play Razz[i]

3- Do not ask staff to boost your character or give you items/respect the staff

dont bug staff for items, or stats, or levels, or coins, and fss DONT BUG THEM TO DO EVENTS!!!!! its ok to ask if there is going to be one, but spamming the console with EVENT! EVENT! EVENT! will get u put in hacker prison, as will asking the GM's for items, stats, levels etc. i think its imperative for staff to interact with players, however, i do not require them to do so, so if u bug the hell out of them and cause them not to want to, its going to make me angry, and u wont like me when im angry Wink. staff interaction is important for the players and the staff, so dont fudge it up!!!

3a- Do not disrespect staff

that same note, be respectful to the staff! they are taking their free time to make the game enjoyable for you, they dont have to, so respect them. do not insult them or talk down to them, if a staff member cannot answer ur questions they will direct you to a place where it can be answered. just because they dont have the answer doesnt mean they are stupid or that they suck, we have many kinds of staff on here and their expertise may not lie within the area in which ur question may be in. there will be serious consequences to being disrespectful to the staff, more than likely i will come up with punishment according to the offense, and the insulted staff member will have the final say in judgment!!

3b- Do not disrespect MOD's

Being blatantly disrespectful to a player with a {MOD} tag will result in being jailed:

48 hours for the 1st offence
72 hours for the 2nd offense
1 week for the 3rd offense
and 2 weeks for every offense there-after

there are exceptions to this rule:

Exception 1 - if a player with a {MOD} tag was being offensive to another player without justification then this rule will not apply
Exception 2 - if the player and the {MOD} are engaged in "trash talk" after a PVP/PK scenario then this rule does not apply (but be aware of the 'harrasment' rule!)

basically what this means, is if you are an asshole to a MOD, and there was no acceptable reason for being an asshole to the MOD, then you will land urself in jail, if he PK's you or you PK him (even after PVP) then its perfectly acceptable to let them know how bad they *"suck and what their mother had in her mouth this morning", or if the MOD tells you to go suck a chode after you have asked him for help (of course assuming you didnt do anything b4 that to other wise piss them off) then its perfectly acceptable to threaten to *"call social services on their dad for ass raping them as a young child".

IF found to have disrespected a MOD in game without justification, then your character name will be posted in the detention section of the forums and ur character will be jailed, it will be your own responsibility to keep of the time you have served and PM a staff member once your time is up if you want to log back in

* - just examples of trash talk, i dont really mean those exact phrases, you may choose any phrase you desire as long as its not racist, again these are just examples.

4- You are allowed to run multiple clients

Its an online game, being online gives you the ability to have multiple personalities, so if u wanna be 3 different ppl, more power to ya! its completely fine to run 2-3 clients, u can tell everyone if you want, or no one if u dont want to, ill leave that at ur discretion Very Happy

5- Accusations of staff corruption

We have worked extremely hard on this server, will we EVER hand out items or boost characters for ANY REASON! If you think that some sort of staff corruption is happening any and all evidence of such should be formally submitted to me via PM and i will handle it with extreme bias, we did not put all the work and effort into this so it can be unraveled by a player or staff member

on that same note we will not tolerate public accusations of anyone being accused of having items given, or character boost, by staff. this is directly accusing the staff of being corrupt which is a direct insult to myself, and such action will be seen as an attempt to disrupt game play with false accusations of staff corruption and a deliberate attempt to sabotage the well being of the server. if a player is accusing you of this, please submit a screenshot and/or other evidence in the 'general' section so it can be viewed publicly and i will personally deal with the player, this is a VERY serious offense and will most likely lead to the players account being banned permanently

5a- Staff and Alternate Characters

Staff are allowed to have playable characters, but must have said character on their GM accounts, the reason for this is because as soon as some noob gets his/her ass handed to him by a GM alt, the first lame thing they will yell is how the GM is corrupt, and thats why they lost the PVP/PK, when in reality they just suck ass, so this way they can't be accused of trading items back and forth to their alt from their GM, kinda hard to do that when they are on the same account. If a player wishes to start yelling corruption then he/she better have some kind of proof, the simple fact he/she lost will NOT be sufficient evidence, and will more than likely end up with their lame ass character sitting in hacker prison for being a sorry loser, im not gonna tolerate the staff not being able to play on their alts just becuase some lame noob can't win a PVP

6- NO Afk fighting/botting is allowed

If caught afk fighting your character will be killed and put in braiken prison. if a GM pops up on ur character you will be given 3 chances to answer their questions, if after the 3 questions the GM decides that you are afk, and that you are actively fighting mobs while afk purposely, you will be killed, and 2500 IP will be applied to the character and immediately taken to braiken prison to serve out your sentence

If you are running dual clients, be sure that you check on the clients on a regular basis, otherwise the character will be subject to the punishment that applies to the afk fighting/botting rules

if you are caught more the 3 times doing this, your character will be deleted from the server

7- Events

Events are NOT done on a player needed bases. The GM's are not here to host events. They are here to catch hackers and help new players around Insanity. They do host events to help played enjoy the game more. Complaining that an event "SUXS" or "THERE IS TO MUCH LAG / NOT ENOUGH EXP!" Will result in the users complaining and begging to be jailed for the duration of the event. Continued complaing / begging will be enforced by you being denied access to any future events for a week.

This list will be updated to as needed, so be sure to check it on a regular basis!
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Rules in the server!!!
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